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Fortinet Utm solutions to Sharif group of companies.

Global SNI provided Fortinet Utm solutions to Sharif group of companies.

Fortinet Unified Threat Management is a great product for overall cost and is easy to implement and manage. It’s specifications include:

 Protection from cyber threats like ransomware and phishing.

 Easy, distributed management

 Consolidated networking and security

 Extensible solution for evolving threats


RSA and Solarwinds solutions to Aequitas

Global SNI equipped Aequitas with the RSA Two-Factor Authentication Tokens and a Solarwinds Network Monitoring solution.

If we talk about the RSA Two-Factor Authentication Solution all we know is that it is simple, easy to use and set up. Moreover, the application is also helpful.

The Console and dashboard is very easy to manage and It simply works without issues.

RSA brings advanced features such as the On Demand and Risk Based Authentication with the latest version, providing step-up authentication based on context and risk.

Now, talking about the Solarwinds NM (Network Monitoring) solution, these tools have proved themselves in multiple cases over the world and are really good for monitoring servers.

In addition to this, Solarwinds is very easy to work with and have an excellent product suite.

The team at Global SNI knows all of these products inside out.

SOPHOS End-Point Security to BOM-SIE

Global SNI’s team has provided SOPHOS End-Point Security to BOM-SIE.

SOPHOS is the answer to the next gen security solutions available in the market as their End-point security provides phenomenal protection against traditional viruses.

It also searches out potentially unwanted programs and malware as well.

It also protects against removable media, preventing sensitive data loss and unwanted drives from accessing the network system.

SOPHOS Endpoint Protections ensures that these threats stay at bay.

The Global SNI staff can be further contacted to know more about SOPHOS products and it’s End-point security.

Kaspersky and Sophos Security Solutions to Outfitters

Global SNI has provided Kaspersky Security Endpoint solution to the Outfitters clothing brand and upgrading to this service would lead to the following benefits :-

 Vulnerability scanning and patch management
 GDPR compliant
 Light-weight, cloud based protection mode available
 Threat behavior engine for servers.
 Full Disk And File Encryption.
 Centralized Controls.
 Next generation user interface.
 Ransomware and Fileless malware protection.
 Ensure protection against the latest threats.

Furthermore, this Security solution is great when it comes to future-proofing end-point security and it provides impeccable protection against viruses and threats looming all over the world.

The interface is well organized and the reason of  installing a Kaspersky Endpoint Security is simply to protect computers against all types of malware which includes viruses, Trojans, spyware and rootkits.

Furthermore, Global SNI also provided Outfitters with a SOPHOS Firewall to protect them from the latest cyber threats. What makes this firewall so special is it's aim at intercepting the techniques attackers use to exploit vulnerabilities rather than detecting the malware.

The malware is just a piece of code and without the mind it means nothing, hence this firewall is the way to go with cyber security protection.

Our team is dedicated for companies looking to protect themselves from such cyber attacks and our staff can be contacted any time for more info on the latest products.

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