The latest housekeeper of your Yashiro Commission’s Kamisato Clan, and you may a highly-identified “fixer” into the Inazuma

Friendly and you may friendly, Thoma gels for the group without difficulty regardless of where he’s.Initially, he appears to be a highly easygoing individual, however, they are in reality most in control. He has an extremely severe front, be it in the functions or their interpersonal interaction.


Thoma known by Inazumans to-be an excellent “helper” – permitting men aside and you can making certain one affairs is actually rapidly and you may peacefully fixed.

The man regarding a keen Inazuman father and you will Mondstadter mommy, Thoma offers the fresh qualities present in one another nations’ individuals; his dad placed a beneficial increased exposure of commitment, if you find yourself being elevated when you look at the Mondstadt required that he can potentially socialize with a lot of someone. The guy thinks that folks would be to joyfully take pleasure in a relaxing lifetime and you can does not instance care about their reputation, regardless of if individuals chat sick from him. The guy originally went along to Inazuma to bring his father Dandelion Wines, however, shortly after dropping overboard, he ended up into the Inazuma without contacts and no Mora. Regardless of the risks the guy experienced at that time, Thoma was able to make use of their problem and you may ultimately received the brand new Kamisato Clan’s trust. He is an efficient personnel, resolving all of the Kamisato Clan’s situations in a punctual purchase. [2]

He towns and cities high commitment on the Kamisato Clan. Even with his simple-going appearance, the guy suggests zero compassion to people which threaten the latest Kamisato siblings and Yashiro Percentage. He will not have fun with their connections for personal increases.


Hailing off Mondstadt, [3] Thoma are an earlier guy which have eco-friendly sight and you can messy blonde tresses fastened inside the a good ponytail by the a reddish cord that have tassels fading so you can tan on ends.

Thoma’s clothes is a combination regarding West-design clothing that have components of samurai armor. The guy wears an attractive, reddish and you will black cropped jacket more a black colored clothing, and a couple of gold puppy tags hanging out their neck. The fresh new buttoned cuffs regarding their silver-cut kote-particularly sleeves are designed having a beneficial fleur-de-lis build. The guy wears a black steel headband towards the his head, which have silver-accented horns like new maedate (side crest) of good kabuto head protection. He wears an effective Pyro Attention towards the his buckle, along with a kusazuri (tassel) adorned which have flaming Kamisato Clan crests on the other side hip. A comparable crest are noted with the poleyns out of their footwear-laced suneate (shin guards) with tabi shoes. He comes with small, red-colored studded earrings.

Certified Introduction

What Taroumaru meant is actually that Thoma is superb from the providing care of some body and is an excellent pal. Nevertheless can’t grab proper care of anybody else, you have to take care of yourself as well. Wait, what exactly are your laughing on! I found myself simply translating what Taroumaru told you!

Thoma, who was simply created into the Mondstadt, now lives in Inazuma, where he is the newest Kamisato Clan’s housekeeper. He’s including a properly-identified “fixer” in Inazuma.

Maybe influenced by the newest informal and you will pleased atmosphere of his hometown, Thoma is very good on socializing. Regardless if they are an outlander, they have dependent an unexpectedly effective circle men and women within the Inazuma.

They are an affable individual naturally and can with ease get employed in various subject areas and you may present dating with assorted someone. If it is time and energy to defend brand new legal rights and you can interests away from the fresh new Yashiro Payment, he’ll in addition to place their laugh aside and show their major side.

He or she is a captive, friendly, and you will sociable person who cares for everybody dogs and you will comrades, however, perhaps the guy along with seems some unspeakable homesickness.

Thoma’s certified identity about Kamisato Clan is the fact out-of a beneficial “housekeeper,” and then he is in charge of things particularly preparing and you will clean up.