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Symantec Pakistan

Symantec PakistanSymantec Pakistan has GSNI partner

Global SNI is an authorized partner of Symantec for providing its next generation security solutions. Symantec corporation is the world’s leading cyber security company, allows organizations, governments, and people to secure their most important data and now it is providing its next generation security services in Pakistan by GSNI. Enterprises across the world rely on Symantec for integrated cyber defense against sophisticated attacks across endpoints, infrastructure, and cloud. It’s the most secured security service for your business purposes. Global SNI provides you Symantec three most next level security services, which are Advanced threat protection, Cloud computing, Encryptedeverywhere in Pakistan.

Many companies partnered with Symantec for their extremely comfortable security services. Now GSNI has been rated the top selling partner of Symantec security services in Pakistan. Symantec advanced threat protection provides you endpoint, network, email, roaming protections. As Symantec’s email threats protects against targeted attacks and advanced threats via email, such as spear-phishing. As well as Symantec’s network security protects your data from unidentified threats with multiple technologies including file reputation analysis, IPS, cloud hosted sandboxing and detonation. As for roaming purposes, it protects users from advanced threats when they are browsing the internet outside of corporate network. Global SNI is providing all these services in Pakistan.


Symantec Complete Endpoint Protection and NetworkSymantec Complete Endpoint Protection is provided by symantec software

Global SNI provides the customers the best Symantec security services in Pakistan. Global SNI is providing the 2.3 update version of advanced threat protection in Pakistan. ATP is Pakistan includes four types of protection services. Endpoint, Network, Roaming, Email.

End-point: Endpoint services provide endpoint detection and response capability without adding new endpoint agent; leverages the best-of-breed threat prevention product, Symantec Endpoint Protection. Customers can try to find out any Indicators of compromise across their endpoints and remediate all instances of threats with one click.

Network: Uncovers stealthy threats with multiple technologies, including file reputation analysis, IPS, and a cloud hosted sandboxing and detonation. Customers can search for indicators of compromise across network; blacklist or whitelist any files or URLs once identified as malicious.

Roaming: Protects users from advanced threats when they are browsing the internet outside of corporate network. It detects and remediates advanced threats even in encrypted traffic by leveraging cloud hosted sandbox. Get deep threat visibility into web traffic, no matter where the users are.

Email: Protects against targeted attacks and advanced threats via email, such as spear-phishing. Leverages cloud-hosted sandbox and detonation, and Symantec Email Security cloud to expose granular threat data from malicious emails. Tightly integrated with third party SIEM, so that customers can quickly respond to attacks.

Symantec Partner in Pakistan is GSNISymantec Partner in Pakistan and Support

Global SNI is an authorized partner of Symantec for providing its next generation security solutions. Global SNI provides our customers next level security protection services. GSNI also provides Symantec protection support in Pakistan, we use the comprehensive approach while providing Symantec protection support for our client. We can schedule the plans for your organization as per your organization’s need. If you have any concern about our services, make sure to quote with us or fill your information on our website for further details.

Symantec Cloud Endpoint in PakistanSymantec Cloud Endpoint in Pakistan is another important product

Global SNI is providing the Symantec cloud security services in Pakistan. Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform unifies cloud security to protect users, information, messaging and the web, powered by unparalleled threat intelligence. Contained within the Integrated Cyber Defense Platform is the industry’s most comprehensive cloud security solutions to govern access, protect information, defend against advanced threats, and protect workloads as they move to the cloud. Global SNI provides the broad adoption of symantec cloud services is changing the fundamental complexion of the data center, requiring new methodologies of operation that are equally impactful. The rate at which public cloud services are being adopted has created a gap between the extent to which organizations use infrastructure as a service for business critical applications and to secure these environments. Symantec Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) is a cloud-delivered solution that protects both cloud resident and on premises workloads from compromise with an operationally efficient implementation.


Symantec distributor in pakistan focus first on islamabad and lahore Symantec Encryption Everywhere in Pakistan

Global SNI provides the Symantec encryption everywhere services in Pakistan. This is the most advanced type of Symantec security protection system in Pakistan. Symantec encryption everywhere by Global SNI is a website security portfolio you can offer the customers with every package. Security products can be complex which is why many hosting providers don’t make it part of their offerings, or if they do, it’s fragmented and limited to a subset of what they could and should offer. Global SNI has made it easy for web hosting providers to integrate, sell and manage a full suite of security solutions mapped to their business, all from a single platform. Global SNI offers a variety of Symantec Encryption Algorithms, ECC or Elliptic Curve Cryptography with Symantec provides stronger security and higher performance with a shorter key size when compared with the current dominant encryption method. For example, an ECC certificate with a 256-bit key is stronger than a 2048-bit key. Global SNI offers a variety of Symantec authentication mechanisms when issuing domain validated SSL products from automated DNS and File Authentication to authentication checks that require customer approval. Symantec supports a set of order, query and life cycle management APIS to enable partners to integrate Symantec’s security offerings within their infrastructure.