Stung from this, Mai softly but harshly said that its relationships is more and you will wordlessly noticed him violent storm exterior

During the Coup away from Ba Sing Se, Mai seated on the throne room which have Ty Lee, frequently having been ordered to safeguard our planet King’s pets bear, Bosco, however, did not worry sufficient from the their task to attempt to stop Sokka, Toph, and you will World Queen Kuei out-of retrieving your pet. She is actually therefore annoyed and you can restless out of their obligations you to definitely she let Toph, Sokka, and you will Kuei escape on happen, saying, “Grab new incur.” [17]

Rekindled like

Mai and you can Zuko was indeed afterwards set up with the a meal time because of the Azula for the an intend to encourage the newest unwilling prince to go homeward, to try out from other youth crushes for each almost every other. But not, the two stuck onto the options and you will chose to get a walk-around Ba Play Se. Soon after, they ran into the Jin, which instantaneously acknowledged “Lee” and you can questioned exactly who his mate are. Considering rapidly, Zuko sheepishly stated one to Mai is actually a friend on the circus, the brand new knife thrower. Mai entered within the toward charade and chose to provide a demo. Once swinging Zuko before a water fountain and setting a beneficial fish off a fish remain that they had introduced earlier on ideal away from their direct, she focused and correctly pierced the newest fish having an enthusiastic icicle. Mai certain Jin so it can have a try. Zuko was just rarely capable don’t let yourself be impaled by clear piece of frost, falling backwards into fountain along the way. Leaning over the wet prince, Mai wryly stated that now they certainly were “even”.

As he chased the woman off an alley, Zuko exclaimed that she may have acquired your murdered, but Mai simply laughed it well. Zuko eliminated to indicate one she in the long run seemed to be enjoying herself, going on to state that he had skipped enjoying which front from their. Mai acknowledge that many had changed because the weeks whenever she “always throw dirt in his face”, but not everything you got changed; she proved so it by making out your lightly. A day later, the pair of them reach the fresh vessel to exit to have the latest Flame Nation together. [18]

To your Fire Nation

Mai try 2nd viewed with a quick moment with Zuko to your the brand new boat trip domestic, where he indicated nervousness about precisely how much some thing would have altered and even if however getting forgiven and you will asked home. She humorously answered you to definitely she hadn’t wanted their life tale, told him not to care and attention, and kissed your briefly just before departing again. Later on, when Azula noticed Zuko moping, she mentioned that he is actually pretending including Mai, no matter if she revised you to, stating you to definitely Mai got surprisingly cheerful not too long ago. [19] Later, Zuko and you will Mai was in fact with a romantic picnic to your a keen oceanside cliff and you may watching an orange sunset along with her. Mai disliked the colour and you can informed Zuko thus, however, it only generated him have a good laugh and state exactly how gorgeous she was when she disliked the world. Mai told Zuko she didn’t dislike your and he informed the woman a similar and they kissed. Its moment is interrupted by the Azula, just who desired to talk to Zuko alone. The two attempted to skip the woman up to Azula advised Mai in order to go let Ty Lee, just who appear to necessary help untangling the girl braid. Mai complied, however, glared temporarily in the Azula due to the fact she introduced. [20]

Trips within Ember Area

Mai’s connection with Zuko experience a rocky period throughout a great trip to Ember Area; Zuko turned much more brief-tempered and tactless up to their, broadening mad whenever shiny shells and frozen dessert failed to appeal this lady, even in the event Zuko did affect lose the brand new ice-cream for her leg; the guy along with became defensive whenever Ruon-Jian got need for her. As he shoved Ruon-Jian around the a-room, breaking a great vase, Mai reprimanded him for being “impatient, hot-oriented, and angry”. The guy answered by the saying that this lady has zero passion for anything and that she is “a big blah”.