This Idiot Just HAD To Mention The Movies

This Idiot Just HAD To Mention The Movies

?ScarIetOdare: hi, Anyone know why the rooms are low user base? ScarIetOdare: Housecleaning day? Marcus589: everyone moved to AOL Gold? ScarIetOdare: Oh ? ScarIetOdare: is that whats happening this month Marcus? Marcus589: yeah there’s a lot of folks already there ScarIetOdare: really? ScarIetOdare: and pyaing $5 a month , k not worried yet ScarIetOdare: the day this version stops working, I’ll pay Marcus589: News Room and Author Lounge ScarIetOdare: no one’s in those rooms Marcuis ScarIetOdare: on this version, Marcus589: strange Marcus589: I’m in that one Marcus589: and there’s about 20 people there Marcus589: maybe cuz it’s an AIM room? ScarIetOdare: Hmmm ok ScarIetOdare: Maybe MichelIeIsBack: (16 people to be exact) ScarIetOdare: in here right now ..uyes

Seeing as how Marcus posted a link for the Wireclub room, we can all safely assume he won’t be awarded any Rhodes Scholarships in the near future. Michelle did attempt to clarify it was wire chat after this portion and it still flew over their heads like a drone buzzing a nude beach.

For The 40th ##$##%#%%$% Time, Wireclub Is NOT AOL

dan7hawk9 I’ve never met anyone and I met many agree on EVERYTHING. the basics yes. then comes diversity. I like certain music. nuther don’t. same with food, movies, beds, clothes, etc.

Yeah? Well I bet you that you’ve never met anyone else that PISSED IN A GODDAMNED DRINK CUP IN THE MOVIE THEATRE.

Even Though Halloween Is Three Months Away.

This is so WW can start working on his costume now. Since he’s been an asshole all his life, this will give him a bit of a change when he knocks on the door and yells Trick or Treat! His mother is going to blow a fuse when she finds out he stole her cookie jar money to make it.

WW’s Mom: Hey asshole! Where’s the $200 i had stashed in the Popeye cookie jar?WW: (lips trembling, eyes welling up) Uh I used it to uh buy the materials for my Halloween costume maWW’s Mom: What the fuck kind of costume costs $200 for materials?Read More