Ufone Secure Web Gateway Project

Global SNI has worked towards providing an efficient secure web gateway solution to the authorities over at Ufone.

This project included 4 types of high-end Sophos Firewall implants. Other than installing and implementing the hardware, the associated Ufone staff was also provided training on how to use the security solution to it’s maximum potential.

The training is intended to provide system and network administrators with the knowledge required to install,configure and administer the firewall.

This hands-on training gives a firm and practical understanding of one of the cost effective ways of secured WAN connectivity based on the ever increasing internet connectivity.

The employee training presentation was successfully held at Dubai by the Global SNI staff.


kaspersky internet security 2020

Providing Cisco and Symantec Solutions to Mobilink Microfinance bank

Global SNI provided Cisco smart net services to Mobilink Microfinance Bank along with a Symantec end point encryption.

The Cisco smart net services had a licence for a valid use up till 3 years and the company is still using it.

These smart net services provide on-line or over the phone communication with the dedicated Cisco authorities if there is a problem with the equipment,as a result Cisco will replace part or all of the unit.

Moreover, the Symantec Endpoint Encryption solution will ensure maximum information protection.

Symantec Endpoint Encryption combines strong full-disk and removable media encryption with centralized management to protect sensitive information and ensure regulatory compliance

Sophos Firewall Solution to ICI Pakistan Limited

Global SNI provided Sophos firewall to ICI Pakistan Limited by replacing their aged Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway.

Sophos firewall is the best replacement to the TMG because of the features.

It’s easier to get up and running for admins, it has some newer features not available on the TMG, the performance is better, and a lot of work is going into making it even better in the future.

You can also benefit from Synchronized Security, which is a big perk.

kaspersky internet security 2020

Sophos Solutions to Punjab Information Technology Board

Global SNI’s team provided Sophos dedicated solution for servers.

Sophos Intercept x was implemented for server protection whereas Anti-virus and Anti-Ransomware solution was also provided as a part of threat protection against malware and viruses which would protect the companies sensitive data and eliminate any chances that may harm the network.

It is easy to maintain endpoints with the Sophos Intercept x security solution because it’s reporting is on point and Sophos continues to make improvements to this product for increasing it’s performance even further.

The Anti-virus searches out potentially unwanted programs and malware.It also protects against removable media, preventing sensitive data loss and unwanted drives from accessing the network system.

Global-Sni is a proud Sophos partner, so do not miss your chance and contact our support staff to get the latest on Sophos products.

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Kaspersky Security Endpoint Solution to NAB

Global SNI has provided Kaspersky Security Endpoint solution to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and upgrading to this service would lead to the following benefits :-

  Vulnerability scanning and patch management
  GDPR compliant
  Light-weight, cloud based protection mode available
  Threat behavior engine for servers.
  Full Disk And File Encryption.
  Centralized Controls.
  Next generation user interface.
  Ransomware and Fileless malware protection.
  Ensure protection against the latest threats.

Furthermore, this Security solution is great when it comes to future-proofing end-point security and it provides impeccable protection against viruses and threats looming all over the world.

The interface is well organized and the reason of  installing a Kaspersky Endpoint Security is simply to protect computers against all types of malware which includes Viruses, Trojans, Spyware and Rootkits.