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Welcome to Global SNI Private Limited, your trusted cybersecurity solutions provider. As the CEO, I am proud to lead a team of passionate experts committed to safeguarding your digital journey. In today's cyber landscape, securing your data and systems is non-negotiable. At Global SNI, we offer cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our expertise spans ISO 27001 consulting, cybersecurity training, IT security assessments, and strategic partnerships with top-tier vendors. Our mission is simple: to empower your organization with proactive cyber resilience. We prioritize your success and uphold ethical practices, ensuring your data and trust remain in safe hands. Choosing an IT partner is vital, and I assure you that Global SNI is your reliable information technology ally. Let us fortify your digital defenses as we build a secure future together. Thank you for considering Global SNI Private Limited as your cybersecurity partner. Your security is our priority.

Adeel Arshad
CEO, Global SNI Private Limited


Interesting Articles By Global SNI


Protecting Your Business from Ransomware in 2023

Ransomware poses a significant risk in 2023, with cybercriminals using advanced tactics to exploit vulnerabilities. To safeguard your business:
1. Implement regular data backups and store them securely offline.
2. Enforce strong authentication methods like multi-factor authentication (MFA).
3. Conduct employee training on identifying and avoiding phishing attempts.
4. Employ proactive network monitoring and threat detection solutions.
5. Keep software and systems up-to-date to patch known vulnerabilities.
Stay one step ahead of ransomware threats to ensure business continuity and data integrity.


Defending Against Phishing Attacks in 2023

Phishing attacks continue to plague organizations, becoming more targeted and deceptive. Protect your business:
1. Train employees to recognize and report phishing attempts promptly.
2. Use email filtering and anti-phishing tools to block suspicious messages.
3. Implement MFA to add an extra layer of security to account logins.
4. Stay informed about the latest phishing techniques and trends.
5. Conduct simulated phishing exercises to assess and improve awareness.
A vigilant and educated workforce is the frontline defense against phishing threats in 2023.

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